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The Ark

Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck

I had the pleasure of being the artist and co-creator for The Ark Tarot deck. After hundreds of hours over two years, what started as a simple Tarot deck soon expanded to a project that included the full Tarot spread and bonus Oracle cards for a 100 card main deck, and 49 bonus cards, for a total of 149 cards.


The project also included the design and layout of a 384 page full size guidebook. I was tasked with designing and creating all of the materials, including cards, book, and marketing images and branding. This project allowed me the creative freedom to really explore my craft. I've enjoyed my time dreaming of and creating these lovely animals and the world they live in. 


I've shown all cards below and have chosen to list them out of order as they would appear in any well-loved deck. Enjoy! 

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