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Publishing can be stressful.

Here are some tools that can help.

I get so many questions about the publishing process that I decided to create a resource list that I will be adding to over time. Remember, once you publish your first book, you'll be a pro!


Writing a book takes time. When you finally cross the finish line it's time to hand your book over to an editor. Editing your book is one of the most important parts of the process to becoming a published author. Here is a list of great editors who can take your book from finished to awesome.

Qat Wanders -

Rachel McCracken -

Christine Van Zandt -

Book Works - John Nelson -

Savannah Gilbo -

Jessi Rita Hoffman

Arlene Prunkl -

Michael Mohr -

Ashley Conner -

Barbara Curialle -

Lynne Glasner -

Sofia Ashdown -

Shirley Fedorak -

Jon Harrison -

Charlie Wilson -

Julie Gray -

Sandra Wendel -

Mary Kole -

Elizabeth Buege -

Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum -

William Dino -


You've finished your book, it's been edited, formatted and you have brand new cover art ready to show the world. Now what's next? If you are self-publishing your book, the process of getting your book off your hard drive and into the hands of your readers can be stressful and intimidating. Below are a few great tutorials to guide you on your way. 

How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon

Kindle Direct Publishing | Getting Started

Publishing on IngramSpark is Easy

Lulu | Publishing Blog

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